Just why Interpersonal Online slots Perform Better When compared with Video slot machines?

Just why Interpersonal Online slots Perform Better When compared with Video slot machines?

In the past couple of years social slots have been growing quickly, getting closer to video slots. They’ve become a constantly growing business, getting bigger every year. The revenue of Playtika for the second quarter of 2015 was around $ 240 million and a Chinese consortium bought it for $ 4.4 billion.

This might look absurd, as videos slots need to be played with real money and social slots are always free. Still, these are the facts and they are backed by strong reasons. The difference is that companies that focus on social slots have implemented things that video slot providers aren’t even considering.

Today we will discuss the reasons behind this huge growth and how social slots are able to come closer to video slots each year.


The Gaming Experience of Social Slots is Much Better

From the player’s perspective, video slots are fun, but there is real money involved and they take it as a very serious thing. On the other hand, social slots are considered to be all about the fun they provide when played. There are many questionnaires that support these claims, as well as player behavior.

You will never see a player getting mad about social slots as they would about a video slot. Social slots that people like playing are the ones that have fun and innovative graphics, animation, gamification elements, music, and sounds, all of which improve the overall gaming experience.


The RTP in Social Slots Can be Chosen by Players

Just to be clear, the most popular social slots have very difficult RTP on all of their slots. The RTP on them is never over 100% and, in most cases, it hardly reaches 97%. Still, social slots are games that aren’t designed to have a single shot. When looking at them as a whole, these games give their players free gambling money through daily bonuses, perks, gifts and even hourly bonuses.

Additionally, a lot of social slots have mechanics where players can change their bets and with them, change the RTP to their liking. This gives them more control and engages them to play for a longer time with smaller bets, or try to advance quickly with a lowered RTP.


More Research is Done with Social Slots

All companies that have social slots invest in research that gives them insights about player behavior. They collect valuable data from all of their many active players on an everyday basis. Additionally, they do A/B split testing for various factors including, graphics, game mathematics, marketing and pop-ups.

Some of the best social slot games rely on math models that were established with A/B tests, as they’ve been proven to improve income and player retention. They’ve also used similar tests to create economies that were able to improve monetization by over 50%.

On the other hand, video slot companies invest very little in research and most of them still make decisions based on their gut and feelings instead of using well-researched facts.


Social Slots Adopt Gamification

Gamification has brought many things into slot games, including experience advancement, the ability to unlock new games, bonuses, gifting people, inviting people to play for rewards and so on. All of these elements have greatly improved player retention and the number of new players.

On the other hand, video slots have remained closed and they didn’t utilize any gaming knowledge that was discovered and explored through gamification. They remained the same for a long period of time and no dramatic changes have been introduced. This is why their profits are dwindling and why most young players don’t find them appealing.


Social Slot Games Evolve Quickly

Companies that offer social slot games release a new game almost every month. This is because they understand that new games will possibly attract new players and retain those that are starting to get bored with old ones. This flexibility and speed is owed to the fact that CEOs of such companies usually have one or two people working on new games, and they have the freedom to do as they wish.

With video slot companies, on the other hand, there is a whole bureaucratic process with many people involved and a lot of meetings and discussions, so a single new game could take months to get released. Additionally, it might be incoherent and offer a bad experience, as there are people involved in making it that shouldn’t have had a say in the first place.


Final Thoughts

Social slots are growing in every possible way and their methods for improvement and research have brought them where they are today. The fact that the video slot companies are lazy and don’t care about improving their user experience has put them in a difficult position. However, they can change and adopt many things that social slots have, but the question is: “Will they?”

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Amazing Traditional Photography of Las Vegas

When you hear the word ‘nostalgia’ it immediately conjures up black and white images. There’s something about the good old days that resonates with monochrome photographs of more innocent times. It is a funny notion, since color images have been around for decades; the Kodacolor, the first color film, was introduced in 1942 and kicked into mass production for 35mm in 1958.

Maybe it’s the old Hollywood glamor… the images of cinema first generation of stars larger than life. Maybe it’s the elegant 50’s when folks were dressed up smartly every day. Maybe it’s the flair of an era that is gone.

Still, black and white images are nostalgic. Even if they were taken before we were even born, even if we aren’t familiar with the people and places photographed, the black and the white and all the greys in between touches us in a way a color photograph will never be able to.

What’s even better? Black and white images of the most colorful place. What is the most colorful place? Las Vegas. Glitzy, sparkly, neon-y – Vegas is a place defined in popular culture for its bright lights and splashy images.

That’s why seeing old black and white images from Vegas is so striking. The glamor is still there – the well-dressed, beautiful people, the excitement in the air, the neon lights everywhere – and is even more apparent in black and white.

So here are some of our favorite vintage images of the Las Vegas that it used to be before it transformed itself to a family vacation destination. You can feel the electricity in the air, the kind of electricity that can only exists in a place for grownups.

The Strip, All Stripped Down

The word that comes to mind – innocence. And elegance. This is as removed as possibly can from today’s noisy, over-the-top Strip. You can feel the calmness in the air, the sense of upscale entertainment.

The most striking thing about this image is that the Strip looks like a real place built by real people for real people. Today’s Strip, on the contrary, looks manufactured. It doesn’t feel like a real place – it is a made up, crazy fantasy for tourists.


Street Level Casino

 It’s not the most incredible photograph, but something is remarkable here – the Eldorado Club, at the ground floor of the Apache hotel, is so approachable. It is right there, on the sidewalk, a walk-in haven.

These days, to get to a casino floor in Vegas, you’ll need to embark on quite the walk from the Strip. The casinos are now engulfed by monstrous resorts – not even hotels, resorts! – and are most definitely not visible from the street. There is something very comforting about being able to peek through the glass windows of a casino; ah, those were the days.


Now That’s a Ride!

This photograph of the Flamingo hotel says it all – tons of style, blue sky and green grass and the most awesome rides. This was actually a postcard advertising the Flamingo hotel.

A one-story hotel is just unimaginable in today’s Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter. Those were the times when there was no shortage of space in the Nevada desert, and less than 42.9 million people visited Vegas every year (the number of Vegas tourists in 2016.)


Sinatra Sure As Hell Did It His Way

There’s no one that symbolizes the glamor days of Las Vegas more than Frank Sinatra. And here, in this candid shot from 1955 taken at the Dunes hotel, blue-eyes is dreamy as always, almost nonchalant about the womanly hectic-ness surrounding him.

One can imagine Sinatra and the girls are posing for a shot to promote a show they took part it.

One thing raises a question in this picture – what’s the story with the kneeling guy on the left, what is this on his head? A wig? A Turban?


The Real Show Girls

If we’re already talking about Vegas shows, here’s a taste of the real thing. 1958, the Stardust Hotel, just a regular night at the club.

The elegance, the grandeur is unparalleled to today’s standards. With no special effects or tech wizardry,  these four elegantly dressed ladies are giving the folks below them a run for their money.

Classic Vegas.

A Swingers Moment

Here is Noel Coward, a British playwright who was a fixture of Vegas, performing nightly at the Desert Inn. The open-top car, the sign at the back, his pencil mustache – the epitome of Vegas in the 50’s, just before the city exploded into the mega town that has become.

Just a great shot, soaked with atmosphere.


The Wild, Wild West

This isn’t Halloween, nor a cowboy-cowgirls theme party. This is 1935 – ! – and these folks are dressed in their everyday attire. The roulette though, is the same roulette.

Obviously, the color was added much later, as is obvious from the reddish glow on everyone’s cheeks.

This image is just a delight to look at. A world that’s long gone is right here before our eyes, in the most natural moment. Priceless!

Gangsta Pool

Now what can possibly be cooler than this? Playing roulette in the pool. Not by the poolside, inside the pool. And see the cocktail waitress at the back, arriving with a tray of fresh drinks in a white bikini; ah, the good life.

Even the fact that the dealer isn’t shaved-chest and buffed, but a regular-looking Joe from Montana speaks to the authenticity of the whole scene. It’s about enjoying life, as real as they get.

Roll the Dice, Tanya

Unimaginable for today’s casinos, Tanya, a Siamese elephant and a performer at the Dunes Hotel and Casino, is taking a break from her busy schedule to join gamblers at the craps table.

It looks like Tanya is the one throwing the dice and the folks around her are watching attentively, hoping for the luck to strike.

The scene is so removed from what we are used to in today’s casinos, that it’s just breathtakingly awesome to imagine that this was the life in Vegas back then; so relaxed, so open-minded, so free.

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How Many Elements Guarantees a Online slot Tournament Savor?

How Many Elements Guarantees a Online slot Tournament Savor?

The first thing you do need to be aware of in regards to slot tournaments is to get your head around how they work and operate and also just how it is you can win one of the cash prizes attached and on offer on any one of them you do enter.

You will find that as an online casino player you will find both free to enter slot tournaments, which usually have only a small and modest set of prizes on offer on the, and you will also find a set of paid to enter slot tournaments which usually have the very highest possible set of cash prizes that you can win on them.

As you play off your entry in any type of slot tournament you are going to be awarded with points based on the value of the winning combinations you spun in when playing of your entry.

In regards to just how many points you need to guarantee a prize on any slot tournament it is always the case that the player who manages to win the most when playing of their entry and amasses the most points will then win the highest valued cash prize, but those other players who do get lots of points and are listed higher up the Leaderboard based on their points total can often get paid out cash prizes too!


Are There Any Slot Tournament Playing Tips?

If you do want to take part in any number of online slot tournaments you may be sat there right now wondering if there are any playing strategies that you can adopt in the hope that you will then get a much better chance of winning any tournaments you do decide to enter and take part in!

Well, at the end of the day when playing off your slot tournament entry you need to play off as many spins as you possibly can do during the tournament and then hope as many of those spins are winning ones as is possible!

So always make sure that when you are playing off your entry you concentrate on hitting the spin button a quickly as you can do to then play off as many spins as humanly possible and make sure you are not going to be distracted by other things when you play off your entry too.

The slot tournaments that have the lowest number of entrants are also some of the best ones for you to take part in for with fewer players you get an increased chance of being a winning player!


What Are Comp Point Slot Tournaments?

There are some rather unusual slot tournaments you will come across usually when you are playing at an instant play casino set that doesn’t offer the more standard slot tournaments.

What those types of slot tournaments are known as are comp points based slot tournaments and the way in which you take your entry is not like the way you take your entry is a standard slot tournament!

When you enter a comp points slot tournament you have to play with your own money and not pay an entry fee and what you need to do to win a cash or bonus prize is to amass more comp points based on your real money gaming action playing one or more slot games over a certain period of time.

The main problem with those types of slot tournaments however is that as you are playing with your own money you could lose quite a bit of cash, and it is always the case that high rolling slot players will win those tournaments due to them playing or high staking and naturally earning more comp points than that of a low rolling slot player.



Please do spend a little bit of time looking through and reading each of our individual online casino site reviews, as by doing so you will then discover just which casinos will be offering you a range of different slot tournaments.

Whilst most casino sites will at one time or another offer their players slot tournaments there are some casinos that have lots of them scheduled throughout the day every single day of the week.

Also be aware of the many different types of slot tournaments that you will find being offered to you at various different casino sites for not all of them are going to be structured in the exact same way and not all of them will be offering the same level of prize money either.

If you do enjoy playing slots but want to start playing them in a very cost effective way then the sooner you do start entering and taking part in lots of different slot tournaments the better, and remember that every single one of them you do decide to enter will give you another chance of winning one of the prizes on offer on them too!

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IGT to raise exposure Cardless Interact at Class Betting houses Facilities

IGT to raise exposure Cardless Interact at Class Betting houses Facilities

IGT brings a captivating technical advancement to Station Casinos

More convenience is added to every player’s enjoyment in Las Vegas since a new technical advancement is hitting the Sin City casinos.

Before the end of 2017, players in several Las Vegas Station Casinos will be introduced to a mobile technology called Cardless Connect, developed by International Game Technology (IGT).

A Simple Way to Card In

This IGT’s technology allows players to participate in Station Casino’s MyBoardingPass loyalty program by just tapping their mobile phone on a slot machine card reader. STN App can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play and the phone connects player the same way a physical loyalty card would.

The display shows players’ name and point balance when they card in at their favorite slot game for a digital experience, and the app automatically cards them out when the player leaves. Without having a physical card, this app is a perfect solution for locals, frequent players and Millennials.

The new technology retains younger and tech-savvy players and saves on the expenses of printing and reprinting loyalty cards. Cardless Connect is currently on testing at Barley’s, one of Station Casino properties, and will be implemented at two more by the end of the year. Unfortunately, Station Casinos isn’t ready to unveil which casinos are up next for Cardless Connect. If the initial success continues, the remaining properties will follow their lead in 2018.

Station Casinos

Station Casinos is the leading gaming provider for the residents of Las Vegas and always brings the change with new games, machines or technologies.

Founded in 1976, it has 20 properties including Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station, Texas Station, Palms Casino Resort, Wild Wild West and others. With this new technology implementation, they hope to make visiting Las Vegas casino easier and deliver a superior user experience. They are a great partner in the rollout of Cardless Connect technology according to IGT’S Chief Commercial Officer Nick Khin.

“We evaluated multiple technologies and developed a flexible solution that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or QR code connectivity. From the initial phases of implementation to the excitement of the ‘go live’, the Station Casinos team has embraced Cardless Connect’s innovative features and BLE connectivity, which deliver a superior user experience.”

It shouldn’t surprise us the global leader in gaming IGT chose them to be the first to exploit their technology.

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NetEnt Teams with Ve International in New Marketing Gadgets Service

NetEnt Teams with Ve International in New Marketing Gadgets Service

NetEnt signs an exclusive deal with Ve Global

Casino games specialist Net Entertainment announced their strategic partnership agreement deal with Ve Global, marketing technology supplier. NetEnt teamed up with Ve Global to launch a new media buying services for iGaming operators around the globe.

Ve Global and NetEnt Join Forces in Unique Deal

The officials, both in Ve Global and NetEnt, think that iGaming customer acquisition hadn’t evolved as quickly as other online sectors and that they need to step up their game and combine a unique source of iGaming data and leading media desk platform in order to serve a demand from casino operators worldwide. This unique combined insight will give operators the chance to execute programmatic media buying as efficiently as possible.

This deal between two companies means that Ve Global’s Demand Side Platform, in combination with NetEnt’s statistic insight, will give clients the ability to optimize ads, ensuring they are relevant to the target audience and give more control over acquisition campaigns. All data on the platform will be completely anonymous and protected.

NetEnt will be able to focus exclusively on eliminating third party costs and media transparency. The two companies will collaborate on developing new media-buying platform which promises to help operators improve retention and reduce player acquisition costs through behavioral insight and audience intelligence.

Better Understanding of Online Gaming Audience

This actually means that the technology will achieve better understanding of online gaming audience anonymously and provide the insight to serve display advertising more relevant to each user. Therefore, marketing investment costs will be reduced for casino operators but they’ll be more precise and accurate in marketing activities providing maximum impact.

NetEnt has been a true pioneer in the gaming business from the first day in 1996 and helps its customers to stay ahead of its competition. Ve Global has a similar vision of predicting and responding to customers’ behavior in the digital world with solutions that guarantee the experience they deserve.

This is believed to be the largest collaboration deal of its kind and the first one to use the new technology is Gaming Innovation Group, one of NetEnt’ current customers. Other Beta-clients will be on-boarded at the end of the year while the official launch of the media buying service is planned for early 2018.

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Microgaming Unleashes A couple Slot machines in September

Microgaming Unleashes A couple Slot machines in September

Microgaming rolling out two brand-new games this October

This October, Microgaming decided to put smiles on its customers’ faces. Two brand new slots are being released this month, apart from the Halloween movie-themed slot, featuring original characters and the music from the movie’s soundtrack.

The developer behind the first fully functional online casino, launched back in 1994, Microgaming, is surprising us with brand new games.

The first one, Monster Wheels, went live with Microgaming and Quickfire operators on October 4, and will offer a mix of old school hot rod race cars and iconic horror genre characters while the other,  Moby Dick slot will take players on an epic voyage based on Herman Melville’s white whale hunt story. Moby Dick slot, created by Rabcat, is an exclusive to Microgaming and Quickfire, and it goes live on October 18.

Monster Wheels

Monster Wheels is a five-reel slot, playable from $ 0.30c with rich graphics and spooky soundtrack to get you in a Halloween mood this month. With customizable slot features and unique functionality, players can select 128 or 288 ways to win.

These two options have completely different reel layout and feature a blazing racetrack to set the scene for this high-octane game play. Players have the freedom to select their own free spins round and to switch from 4-3-2-3-4 to 2-4-2-4-2 reels. Landing three Gas Can scatter symbols, triggers a free spin round where players chose their own type of bonus, which can be either 12 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 6 free spins with a 4x multiplier or 3 free spins with an 8x multiplier.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick, a five-reel online slot with 25 fixed payline, is graphically rich with highly detailed artwork and aquatic soundtrack for full pleasure. Players can immerse into a hunt of great white whale, together with Captain Ahab.

Two features make this slot even more interesting. Win Freezing feature allows players to receive a bonus spin for every winning spin. Up to 20 free spins are available for players landing four or more scatters during the game. The Gamble Feature gives players the chance to double their gold. Players have up to five chances to shoes between the copper and silver cup in this feature. Players win is doubled if a tea bag emerges from the chosen cup.

Since Microgaming offers more than 850 titles and powers some of the most popular casinos in the world, and is one of the most popular and viable casino game developer of the industry, it’s no wonder they constantly try to keep their portfolio fresh, to thrive and bring new, interesting titles before us.

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The crazy amount No cost Operates I Can Re-Trigger?

The crazy amount No cost Operates I Can Re-Trigger?

There are two thing you will like to see happen when you play a video slot game offering you the chance of trigger a set of free spins, and they are that the free spins feature round does trigger and that as your free games are playing off you re-trigger the bonus game too.

One question that you may have in regards to playing free spins awarding slot game is just how many times it is possible to re-trigger a set of free spins, and that will ultimately be determined by the actual design of the slot.

Some slot games will not have a bonus game that can be re-triggered whilst some can re-trigger a set of free spins either a certain number of times or offer an unlimited number of re-triggers. The latter types of slots however will usually have a maximum payout limit players can win from a set of free spins.

Always keep your options opened as an online real money player for you are going to find plenty of different structured slot games, many of which will be offering you far more bonus games that you find appealing and will enjoy playing too!


Unique Free Spins Bonus Games

Slot game designers are always seeking out new and very imaginative ways that they can put together and structure their slot games to make them as appealing to players as is possible.

As such it may be worth your while checking out some of the more recently launched video slot games on which free spins bonus games can be triggered and awarded to you, as often those much newer slots will have some very exciting and potentially high paying features built into their bonus rounds.

Some slots now offer players the chance of taking one of several different options in regards to how they can play off a free spins bonus game, and as such you will be able to select the type of variance at which a set of free spins will play off.

Sometime you can have all the luck in the world when playing bonus game awarding slot games and will trigger bonus game after bonus game, however the opposite can also be true, so always keep that in mind and never become obsessed with playing a slot until you trigger its bonus game, for it could cost you a fortune to keep on playing it until it does!


Which Slots Offer Free Spins?

There was a time when the only category of slot games that did offer players the chance of triggering sets of free spins were video slot games however recently some of the older styled three reel slot games have been designed in such a way you can trigger those types of bonus games hen playing them.

However, as there are so many different ways that you can trigger sets of free spins and a huge and ever growing number of different ways free spins bonus games can play off, you should always read through the pay table of any such slots you come across just so you know how their respective bonus games will play and pay.

Also keep in mind that as it is the bonus game on which you do have the chance of winning much more that on the base game then you should try and play slots in such a way that you can play off as many base game spins as possible.

For the more base game spins you do play off the more of a chance you will then have of triggering a free spins feature round!



There are going to be risks attached to any slot playing session you have unless of course you choose to play free play slot games online. By actually playing several different bonus game awarding slot that you may never have come across before you will be able to see how they all play and pay and then pick out the ones you wish to play for real money later on.

Savvy free spins awarding slot players are always going to get a sixth sense for whether a slot is going to award them a bonus game, and will often stop playing if they feel a slot isn’t about to award them a bonus game, and whilst that is only a sixth sense, if you do feel a slot isn’t really paying anything out then you would be best advised to stop playing it.

In fact, always try and play lots of different slots when logged into any online casino during one playing session, as that way you will never get bored playing the same slot game over and over again, so always try and play several slots as any of them may payout big!

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Quickspin Offers Mayana for the Slot machines Range

Quickspin Offers Mayana for the Slot machines Range

Quickspin takes you on a Mayan adventure with Mayana slot

Quickspin, the Swedish slot specialists, expanded its portfolio with the launch of the brand-new slot Mayana.

According to Quickspin, Mayana features one of the highest payouts ever and they hope players will enjoy hunting the legendary Mayan gold in this action-packed slot full of surprises.

Mayana Adventure

Mayana is the newest title to feature Quickspin’s Achievement Engine, designed to offer players more engaging and rewarding experience which makes use of six unique game events in all of Quickspin slots. Players accumulate tokens during the game that can be redeemed for free spins or other features.

Mayana is taking players on a quest for hidden treasures. The game is set against the backdrop of a temple deep into the jungle and with beautiful, colorful creatures that come to life when landed on.

This slot game has a very unique reel grid. The game starts as 3×3 specifically, which makes for 27 winning ways. There are two more outer reels that can be unlocked by making consecutive winning combinations. This 3×3 slot expands into 5×3 game as any three or more connecting symbols stick whether in the middle, left or right, with 243 winning ways. When there are no more winning combinations, the two outer reels will lock again.

Up to 20x Multiplier

Symbols on reels include 4 different colored gemstones and 4 Mayan masks.

Masks are a frog, a jaguar, an owl and a Red Priest which is the most valuable symbol. A winning combination in any spin triggers the Respin On Win Feature and together with the Growing Reels and Multipliers, this game promises a big win. Mucha Mayana feature is randomly-triggered in the final spin if the reel grid has been fully expanded, and it can add 4x-20x multiplier to the last win.

Quickspin is a part of a Playtech Group company which is a market leader in the gambling and financial trading industries. This new HTML5 slot, available on all devices, follows a widely successful blockbuster games like Sticky Bandits, Hot Sync, Wins of Fortune, Dragon Shrine and Sakura Fortune.

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The crazy amount Slots Would i Spend money Successively?

The crazy amount Slots Would i Spend money Successively?

The way that most casino software works these days’ means that dependent on just which casino sites you choose to play at, you are going to find all manner of unique features and option settings available to you as a player.

One feature that a growing number of casinos offer via their gaming platforms these days is an option whereby players are going to be able to open up and then play several different games simultaneously.

By doing so then players can for example play lots of different types of slot machines, in the hope that they do win some high valued winning payouts when playing more than one slot at a time.

However, the thing to note about being able and given the option of playing more than one slot at a time is that you are just as likely to lose much more quickly than win much more quickly!

The only person who can make the decision in regards to how many slots you should play simultaneously when playing at a casino site is you.

But keep in mind when playing lots of different slots in lots of game windows unless you use the auto play setting then you are going to have to keep on scrolling through each open window and then click on each slot games spin buttons to send their respective set of reels spinning!

So if you are every tempted to play multiple slots together in different windows all at the same time do make sure the casino you are playing at has auto play option settings on all of their slot games.


Which are the Best Slots to Play?

You are going to find lots of different types and categories of slot machines to play either individually and on their own or alongside other slot games.

However, you may be wondering right now just which if any are going to be the very best ones to play to hopefully see you winning big on any up and coming slot playing session you may have!

The one way that you will be best off choosing just which slots to get stuck into playing is by signing up to a casino site that will make available to you the payout percentages attached and on offer on every single slot game they have available.

Then only ever set about playing the slots that have the highest payout percentages, for over the long term you will get more of your stake money back when playing those slots than you ever would playing a slot which has a lower payout percentage!


Do New Slot Games Payout More?

Playing slot machines in land based casinos will often see you being able to play lots of new machines that may have just been wheeled out onto a casinos gaming floor.

But the one main difference between land based slot machines and those available online is that the former venues can adjust and alter the payout percentages that their new slot machines can payout to players.

As such you will often find in such places the newly launched slot machines will have slightly higher payout percentages than normal to allow players to experience playing them but by getting more winning combinations and bonus games being awarded to them!

However, online and mobile slot machines have a payout percentage that usually cannot ever be adjusted by a casino operator, but in most cases when playing at such a site and playing their range of newly launched slot games you will not find any difference in the payout percentages when they are new games or when they have become established.



At the end of the day you do need to keep in mind that it is always going to be down to luck and the random number generator attached to every slot machines or slot game in any playing environment as to whether you win or lose on any individual gaming session you have.

As such the best way to play slots is by you setting yourself a limit in regards to your bankroll and then sticking to that budget. You should also try and divide your bankroll up so you do at the very least get a certain number of spins from your bankroll.

If you do want to get even more spins and play time from your bankroll then look out for some of the many different types of bonuses and promotional offers that every single one of our featured and approved casinos have on offer.

But always make sure you only claim and then use bonus credits on slot games that have a very fair and reasonable set of terms can conditions, and always bonuses that have the very lowest amount of play through requirements attached to them too!

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Aristocrat to really Introduction Brand New Westworld Plug

Aristocrat to really Introduction Brand New Westworld Plug

HBO hit show Westworld inspired slot game coming soon

Slot machine maker Aristocrat Technologies Inc, a leading global provider of land-based and online gaming solutions, in partnership with Warner Bros Consumer Products, is set to launch the Westworld slot game.

HBO Hit Show Turned Slot

The slot is based on the HBO successful science fiction series by the same name and will be released this October at Global Gaming Expo 2107 (G2E) in Las Vegas.

Siobhad Lane, Aristocrat Senior Vice President, Marketing & Gaming Operations North America said that they are thrilled to present the customers with this excitement new game and to take them on a thrilling science-fiction journey with well -known characters and fantastic imagery and music.

“At Aristocrat, our absolute number one priority with every game we create is to help our customers provide their players with an entertaining experience.“

This HBO’s dark odyssey recently earned a phenomenal 22 Emmy nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series.

TV show is set at the crossroads of the near future and the reimagined past where every human appetite can be indulged. It is about the revolution of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin. Westworld offers an entertaining marriage between high-concept science-fiction and glossy expensive human drama and with its 13 million viewers, it ranks as the most-watched freshman season amongst all original HBO series and it’s no wonder Aristocrat based its new slot on it.

“We aggressively pursue the very best and most influential licenses to achieve that mission, and WESTWORLD is a very exciting addition” Lane added.

Westworld Ready for Debut

Fans of Westworld will have the chance to enjoy this game at casino industry trade show next week, on Aristocrat’s new “flame 55” cabinet.

The cabinet has a single-screen double-curved 55-inch monitor, stereo audio, a virtual button deck and advanced ergonomics, all designed to provide a unique and superior gaming experience.

Since its humble beginnings in 1953, Aristocrat has been licensed by 240 regulators and now operates in 90 countries around the world. They offer a diverse range of online products and services and are committed to entertaining the world one game at a time and creating the world’s greatest gaming experience every day.

Aristocrat’s product portfolio already includes several slot games licenced from Warner Bros Consumer Products including Bing Bang Theory Slot Game, Dumb and Dumber Slot Game, Batman Classic TV Series Slot Game and A Christmas story Slot Game.

They sure hope this one will also be a huge success.

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