Apex Process

Apex Process

«Apex Wizard» online video slot developed by Novomatic is a fairy-tale about a wizard and his dragon. General rules of the game remain the same, but it offers a few curious bonus features. The most attractive option seems to be free spins with more Wilds and Scatters at the screen. Detailed description of all features of this slot machine can be found in the following review, prepared by online gambling guide Casinoz.me.
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Las vegas Evenings

Las vegas Evenings

Here comes an incredible novelty by Betsoft. The company, specializing on 3D slots, has released an unbelievable video slot «Sin City Nights», devoted to night live of Vegas. The wonderful in all respects model delights the eye by a stunning animation and colorful design, offers a great number of paid combinations and excites by interesting bonuses for a long time. In the following review by Casinoz.me we would like to discuss all features of this slot machine and offer a demo version for free testing.
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Free casino slots Facing Purchase Slot machines

Free casino slots Facing Purchase Slot machines

When it comes to online casino slot games, normally we divide it into two categories that are free slot games and other is downloado slot games.
Most of the casinos allow the players to download slot games, and then you need to install them, register yourselves and play whenever you like. For this players are required to provide accurate details because if the details will be wrong then casino will not be able to pay the winning prizes, when you chose the play for real money option.
The other type is free online games, for these types of games you have no need to download any software. And you can play these games instantly in few clicks on many of the free slots games. For playing free slot games players are required to choose guest account, which are known as the demo accounts.
Whether it is download or no download, the normal free slot games that could be played online are progressive slots, 3-Reel slot machines, iSlots, video slots, video poker, and specialty games.
There are few casinos that allow their players to download the free slot games, as well as real slot games on to their personal computers and play them at will. The downloaded free slot games could be used for practicing the various types of such games before playing them online with real money deposits. The most popular among the video slot games are the free video poker games that can be downloaded on to the computer and played or played straightaway online at the casino site.
While mostly casinos offer the download version of free slot games on a trial basis, with the trial period varying between a week and a month. At the end of the trial period, you are demanded to deposit money into the casino if you want to continue the games with real money. With such casinos, the full version of the slot games could be downloaded after paying some appropriate deposit.

If want to enjoy exciting slot games then downloado slot games from Slots of Vegas and have the best gaming experience!

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Which can Positions Have Configurable RTP’s?

Which can Positions Have Configurable RTP’s?

double-magic-slotIf you have played some fruit machines in UK land based gaming venues such as a pub, club or even an amusement arcade then one thing that may have come to your attention is that many of those slot games will offer players a different payout percentage depending on the stake levels they play those gaming machines for.

The higher you do stake per spin then the higher the payout percentage becomes, and that does often mean that when playing those types of fruit machines in a land based venue players are often forced to have to play for the maximum stake level on offer, as by doing so they will then benefit from a much higher payout percentage.

You may be wondering if any similar type of slot machines are available to you to play at online casino sites, however that is something that you will not find on offer at most casino sites, for the payout percentages attached to those types of slots all come with set long term expected payout percentages that cannot be adjusted by player based on the stake levels they are playing for.

However, that does mean that you will always then benefit from the expected long term payout percentages no matter whether you are a low stake player or a high stake player and that is a such fairer way of offering a range of slots, for no player should have to make compromises when playing slot games if they like to low roll instead of play for high stakes!


Locating the RTP Information

You will not have to look to hard for the payout percentage information when you make the very wise decision of playing at any of our featured and top rated online casino sites for accessing a information has been made as easy to find as is possible.

Look ether on the website of the casino site you are playing at, on the pay tables of the slot game you are playing or on the help files as those are the three places that information is usually displayed and found.

Just make sure that when you do fancy playing online slot of any description and category online in a  real money playing environment you stick to playing only the slots that have the very highest long term RTP’s as you will then get more play time and more winning payouts over your long term play on those slots too!


What RTP’s are Attached and on offer on Online Slots?

The long term expected payout percentages on all slot games are going to vary however you will often find that some types of slot games do tend to have either lower or higher RTP’s than other categories of slot games.

Take most progressive slot games, many of those huge jackpot paying slots may seem appealing at first glance however what you will often find is that they could be set to return very low payout percentages often in the high 80% ranges!

There are lots of multi-spin type slot games for example that you can play at Playtech powered casino sites which come with payout percentages in the 98% and 99% regions and those slots are some of the very highest paying ones you could ever play online.

In general you will however find that most slot games available online including both three reel and video slots tend to come with payout percentages somewhere between 94% and 97% and as such those RTP’s are higher than average when you compare them to the payout percentages you will find offered on slot machines that you will find available in most land based bricks and mortar casino venues!



The main benefit of you opting to play at any of the casino sites that we have listed around our website if that you will find that the payout percentages on offer on many of the slot games at those casino sites are set in stone.

What you will also often find this that the casino sites and the designers of those slot games will display the payout percentages each of their available slots have been designed to payout to players.

That information can often be found on in one many different places, the first place you should look is on the website of any casino site you are playing at as that is often the place that information will be listed and displayed.

However, you may also find that information displayed on the pay tables of the slots you are playing so do look there, or at some casino sites you will find the long term expected payout percentages on all of their casino slot games and other games listed on the help files attached to each game, so that is another place you should look to find out that all important RTP information!

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Forehead of Strategies

Forehead of Strategies

A new online slot machine «Temple of Secrets» produced by Novomatic company is rich for various options of the gameplay. Except the basic and special symbols, it offers cool free spins with extra multipliers, multiply progressive jackpots, a round of double game and other features, discussed in the following review. Herewith, the slot is maximally convenient in use, offers a testing and money versions, has a lovely graphics and supports multiply languages.
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Learn how to Properly Spin Video slot machines Via the internet

Learn how to Properly Spin Video slot machines Via the internet

If you play video slots online and are looking for a casino that offers everything you want, there are some helpful tips that will help you find the right casino for you!

Tip #1

Keep your eye out for a site that employs Technical Systems Testing software, or TST.

For those of you who play video slots online, TST, which is a state of the art, internationally recognized software system that ensure a casino’s game run fairly and randomly is an important feature to look for in an online casino.

TST puts out an ongoing series of randomly selected computer generated tests which are designed to check the site for errors and glitches, or anything else that might cause a game not run randomly and fairly. With TST software, you can play video slots online with confidence and assurance.

Tip #2

The point of spending time in online casinos is to have fun! When you use a site with TST, or a site with built-in financial history and game tracking software, you can game stress-free and just relax to enjoy yourself as you play video slots online. Thanks to built-in game and financial history trackers, todays best online casinos do all that hard work for you so you can just focus on having fun!

Built-in game and financial history tracking software is simple to use. The program does all the dirty work for you! All you have to do is simply log on. Within minutes the system will provide you with an entire minute-by-minute, dollar-by-dollar play-by-play of your entire gaming history.

This is a terrific way to help players keep track of their activity so they can stay in control of their spending while playing video slots online.

Tip #3

Pay attention to the latest and greatest online casino promotions so you dont miss out on an incredible FREE MONEY OFFER.

Todays best internet casinos are offering incredible online casino bonuses in an effort to draw in new customers and reward existing ones. Now is a terrific time to start playing video slots online.

Heres why:

Nearly every online casino is promoting some type of awesome deal. Some online casinos are even handing out totally genuine FREE MONEY, so that new customers can test out their games and see for themselves how fun and easy it is to play video slots online. Huge sign up bonuses, incredible first-time deposit offers, even second-time deposit offersits all out there for the taking.

Now is the perfect time to start taking advantage of all these amazing online casino promotions.

If you like to play video slots online , you must enhance your gaming experience by learning which casinos offer the best security features and the most generous online casino deposit bonus offers on the net today.
The Flintstones

The Flintstones

The developers of Playtech company have released an excellent online slot machine «The Flintstones», inspired by the popular cartoon. Here you are going to meet Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma and other colorful characters living in the stone age once again. The game offers a thematic prize round, excellent free spins, several special symbols and a plenty of paid combinations made of basic symbols. Please read the review and hurry up to test «The Flintstones» slot machine.
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Tips to Play Positions

Tips to Play Positions

If you are new to online slots, this short guide will cover everything you need to know in order to start playing immediately and winning some cash.

Scroll down for a Free Demo Play of Starburst (one of the most popular online slots ever) so you can practice before shelling out coins.

Knowledge is Power & Your Path to Winning Big

Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to hit a physical casino to try out your luck and win some money. You can do it in the comfort of your home, whenever you feel like it. Most first-timers tryout slot machines before anything else, and rightly so; you just have to click a button, watch as reels spin and… congratulations, you have won, or sadly, just lost.

It does sound simple. And as much as most people wish playing online slots was that straightforward, the reality is slightly different. Knowledge is power. So if you hope to maximize your chance of winning money, you should dedicate some time to read, learn and understand all aspects of the game. Not to say that it is mighty complicated, but you can increase your chances of winning if you are empowered with knowledge.

Note: In this guide, we refer to “coins” and not dollars or any other currency. One coin is equivalent to a local currency; say 1 coin equals to 1GBP if you play in UK .


Online Slots 101 – What You Need To Know

A typical land slot machine has three reels that spin, and to win, you need to get three identical symbols lined at the center. However, online slots are a bit different. Instead of three, most online slots have five reels. And you don’t have to get the three symbols lined in the middle row to win; it can be zigzag, diagonal, at the top or even the bottom, and it differs from one slot to another. The rules with online slots are very flexible, opening a world of opportunities to players.

Pay Lines Defined

Usually, there are between 9 and 30 Pay Lines in every online slot. The number of pay lines determines your winning odds with each spin. Example; if there are 20 different lines, with every spin you have 20 winning possibilities – you get any of the twenty lines, and you win! Even better news: some slots have up to 243 Pay Lines, meaning, with every spin you have 243 chances of winning.


Winning Lines Vs. Pay Lines

Note that a winning streak (three identical symbols) can fall anywhere along the Pay Line – the symbols are not required to be next to each other or in any particular position along the Pay Line. You must be wondering why they are referred to as Pay Lines as opposed to Winning Lines.

That is clearly a question for linguistic professors to ponder on. While they do, let’s just say this: whenever you hit a Pay Line, you get paid! That sounds like a pretty good reason, we think.

Also, you pay according to how many lines you bet on. You decide on the number of Pay Lines you bet on – you can bet on one line per spin, 5 or 9; like we said, totally up to you. Should keep in mind though that you pay for each line separately… do you get it now? There is a double meaning to Pay Lines: when you hit it you get paid, and you pay for the number of lines you decide to bet on.

Should I bet on More Lines to Boost Winning Chances?

Like just mentioned above: the more lines you bet on, the higher the amount of money you pay per spin. So you might be interested in betting on the highest possible number of Pay Lines to increase you chances of winning with each spin, but every spin will call for more coins.

Alternatively, because every line is autonomously measured in the lose-or-win equation, you can opt to bet on only one Pay Line per spin. It is up to you, the decision how to bet from the two options. Some people find playing with just a single pay line a bit boring. They draw their thrill from betting on many Pay Line simultaneously. On the other hand, if you are in no hurry and enjoy extending the game, then go for a single line at a time.


Wilds: Winning With Just Two Identical Symbols

Yes, with online slots you can win with just two identical symbols. This is made possible by the Wild symbol – it can substitute for just any other symbol. It is that simple: you spin and get two cherries and one Wild – you win. Wilds come in various shapes and sizes and every slot has a unique Wild design. But their function is always the same, making it more likely for you to win.

Scatter Symbol – The Free Spins & Bonus Rounds Facilitator

The utterly awesome Scatter symbol can churn out a series of goodies for you. This symbol can generously award you with Free Spins and Bonus Rounds. If you truly want scatter goodies, then you have to ensure that they have company. Meaning, to enjoy the scatters’ generosity, you need to have three or more of them; some slots may require 2 or even just 1 scatter to produce some low-value prize, but these are the exceptions.


Note:Scatter symbols derive their name from their character. You don’t need them to land on a Pay Line in order to enjoy their goodies; they just need to be visible. Scatters can “scatter” anywhere with no regard to pay lines.

That is not all about the generosity of scatters, they also act as multipliers; they can multiply your wins by 2 or 3. It gets even better. They don’t just multiply you win from a particular Pay Line, but from your entire win of the round!

Scatters cannot be substituted by Wilds. You can’t have it all… Therefore, if you need four Scatter symbols to score a winning element, don’t go searching for Wilds to substitute them, just hunt for Scatters. No worries though; Scatters have a way of showing up when you truly need them. It’s just the way they are.

Factors to Consider Before Starting to Play

Before you start playing, there are a few very important factors you need to consider.

Decide on the amount of money you feel comfortable playing with.

Bet Amount

Each slot has a minimum and maximum bet points. Example: in a 0.5 to 100 coins bet range, you can opt to bet from 0.5 coin on every spin, up to 100. Your reward is, needless to say, proportional to the bet amount.

Number of Pay Lines

This is the second most important consideration you need to ponder over before you start betting. It is imperative to understand that the bet amount is for one Pay Line. In most cases, you are at liberty to decide the number of Pay Lines you are interested in playing, which should then be multiplied by the Bet Amount.

Example: for a 2 coin bet with 5 Pay Lines, you will need to shell out 10 coins per round. It is only logical that rewards increase with the rise in risk.

One Last Thing – Spin or AutoPlay

Other than the above two very crucial decisions you have to make prior to playing, you need to decide on how to play: either to manually click Spin every time, or opt for the Autoplay, kick back and enjoy the spinning.

All Is Set, Let the Spinning Begin!

Having understood the basics of online slots, you can now start spinning. The moment you start playing, reels will spin, you might win, Pay Lines will show up, Wilds will come to life and Scatters will generate various rewards for you.

As you play, you are fully in charge and can choose to change your bet at any time between spins, lower or raise it, reduce or increase the quantity of Pay Lines. It is highly recommended for new players to get to understand how various combinations of Lines and coins play out. It is exciting and you will surely learn more strategies along the way as you play.

Having read this far, you are without a doubt passionate about online slots and definitely ready to start playing. Never stop learning, and with practice, you will perfect your play. Good luck and may the Slot be with you!

Play Starburst Demo for free!

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What actually Positions Offer Organisation Gift Characteristics?

What actually Positions Offer Organisation Gift Characteristics?

scrooge-slotSome slot games that you may never have come across before are designed in such a way that when you are playing them you are going to have to save up bonus symbols that spin in during the base game. When you have saved up enough of them over any number of spins played off the bonus game associated with those symbols will then be triggered.

Players often like playing those types of slots for they offer a completely different type of playing format and structure, and if you do not have enough symbols pinning in during one session to trigger the feature those you have saved up will still be there when you next play those slot games.

In fact, you will find that it is not only a handful of video slot games that offer such a playing structure but some of the older styled 3 reel slots will also have a collective bonus feature as they are known on offer and attached to them.

That does of course mean that no matter whether you are an avid video slot player or a player who much prefers the older styled slots, you will find quite a number of these types of slots on offer to you depending of course at just which casino sites you have chosen to play at.

Below we will give you a couple of examples of great playing collective bonus game slots which you are more than welcome to try out and then play online.


The Christmas Themed Scrooge Slot Game

You will need to sign up to and pay a visit to one of our Microgaming software powered casino sites if you fancy playing Christmas themed collective bonus game awarding slot, for when you do play at such a casino site you will find the Scrooge slot game on offer.

That slot game is one on which you will not only be saving up fee spins symbols as you play the base game but multiplier symbols will also be saved up too.

Once you spin in enough of the countdown symbols the bonus free spins feature game will then play off and award you with the same number of free spins and the same multiplier values that you have saved up whilst playing the base game before the feature was triggered and awarded to you!

Chief’s Fortune 3 Reel Slot

The Chief’s Fortune slot game is one of the older slot games from Microgaming, but even though it is one of their many different 3 reel slots on which you will find both a 3 reel playing structure and format and a fixed coin value you can play multiple coins per spin and by doing so you will then have the chance of triggering a bonus game.

That bonus game is unusual in as much as you have to save up Arrows as they spin in on the pay line, and once you have enough of them saved up then the bonus game will be triggered.

That bonus game can and does award all manner of different cash payouts depending on just how lucky you are playing of the bonus game, but it is a slot worthy of your play time if you do fancy playing something much more basic than one of the many different video slots!

Always have a good look through the slot game menu at any casino sites you are playing at no matter who supplies the games to those casino sites as you may find lots of additional collective bonus game structured slots when you do so.


The only downside we see with any slot machines or slot game that offers a collective bonus feature is that there will be many times when you have saved up quite a number of the bonus symbols on a previous slot playing session or the session you are currently playing and will not need many other bonus symbols to spin in to trigger that bonus game.

However, we such an occasion arises if you are running low on casino credits then you will often be tempted to make an additional deposit to carry on playing that slot in the hope that the required bonus symbols will then spin in sooner or later allowing you to then play off that bonus game whatever it is.

That could turn out to be an expensive thing to do if you didn’t actually plan on making any additional deposits and there are no guarantees that the final number of bonus symbols will actually spin in when you are using the credits playing off that additional bonus and there are also no guarantees that if the bonus feature does get triggered with that extra deposit you made that it will be a high paying one, so never be tempted to carry on playing those types of slots if you cannot comfortably afford to do so!

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What precisely Positions work most effectively Fixed or Voluntary Payline Online slots?

What precisely Positions work most effectively Fixed or Voluntary Payline Online slots?

silver-fang-slotThere are so many decisions that you will have to make when you start playing slot games online that you can often get very overwhelmed with the sheer number and type of slot games that will become instantly available to you when playing at any online casino site.

To help you make sense of the many different types of slot games you can access and play online we have compiled the following slot playing guide which is one of many available on our website, this one will be taking a look at the pros and cons of playing to different types of slots online.

The first types of slots that we will be taking a look at are slot games on which you will find a fixed payline playing structure, those being slots that you have no choice when playing in regards to the number of pay lines that you activate and put into play.

The second type of slot games we will be taking a very close look at are the range of optional payline slots, those are of course slot machines and slot games on which you can put into live play as many or as few of the pay lines attached and on offer on those slots are you want to, so please read through this guide to discover the benefits and any downsides of playing each of those two quite different types of online slot games.


Fixed Payline Slot Games

By playing fixed payline slots you are going to have every single line activated on each spin, and therefore they are not going to be the types of slot games you can play online for very low stake amounts.

However, what you will find attached to quite a number of those slots are bonus games that can be triggered on which those bonus games will take advantage of the fact that you have every possible way of forming a payline offered on the slot you are playing in live play.

So of you do want the best chances of winning not only via the base game but also when the bonus games are triggered on the slots you are playing it may be very beneficial for you  play fixed payline slots, more so those which have random wild reel bonus features on offer on them!


Playing Optional Payline Slots

Having full control over the pay lines attached and on offer on any type and any category of slot game is what many players look for and demand from any slots they do start playing and there are thousands upon thousands of different types of optional payline slots on offer to players.

Those players who only want to have a small number of pay lines in line play and are additionally seeking out very basic slots will be best advised to consider playing the 3 reel slots offering multiple paylines, for on the most commonly available 3 reel slots you will find you can activate and put into play three or five lines per spin.

However, the video slot games are the ones that will give you the most payline playing structures and formats and there will be some offering at little as five optional paylines and some slots in the video slot game category will let you play up to 100 pay lines per spin.

Just make sure you try and play every single line on offer as that way you will never spin the reels only to find a high paying winning combination has been spun in but on a line you didn’t put into play!



Most slot players will play a wide selection of slot games when playing at any online casino site, whilst a fair number of players will stick to playing the same games over and over again!

However, for something of a fully rounded slot playing experience you should always try and play lots of different slot games as by doing so you will always then be able to play lots of different slots each of which will be offering you something different!

There are also free play options available at all of our approved casino sites, and as such if you have never played for example fixed payline slots then you can always give them as much play time as you like at no risk to allow you to evaluate whether you do enjoy their unique playing structures.

The bonus games do however have a bearing on the level of excitement and entertainment and also the winning opportunities on all bonus game awarding slots, and one thing you will certainly find appealing is the huge paying potential of fixed payline slots, so make sure that you do give some of them a try when you next fancy playing slots online as you may just win big when doing so!

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