Fruity 7

Fruity 7

We invite the readers of to get acquainted with production of Spieldev company, which video slots are power by Leander Games software. We would like to begin from «Fruity 7» model. It is a kind of «fruit machine» with five reels and three special symbols. Moreover, it is provided with respins and free spins with enlarged symbols and special prizes, carefully described in the following review.
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On the subject of Slot machines

On the subject of Slot machines

Online casino slot games are known world-wide as a fun, frivolous and often-times rewarding pastime for millions of people who prefer to play casino games online as opposed to their land-based representatives. This mainly owes to the fact that having internet access, and therefore access to thousands upon thousands of casino games at the click of one’s mouse is way more convenient than having to trudge and trek, often for many a mile, to a decent land-based casino. And the substantial savings on petrol, superfluous snacks and exorbitant hotel fees are nothing to scoff at either. For a player who is new to the whole online casino gaming experience, the proliferation and the sheer volume of online casino games available across the expanses of the web today could make just the thought of having to select and play casino games on the web an understandably daunting one. And this is especially true if you have never played any casino games before at all.

Online slot games are some of the easiest and most enjoyable casino genres you can play. Unlike games such as Poker, Blackjack or Baccarat, which require high-skilled gaming experience in order to be played successfully, being able to play casino slot games does not involve a lot of intensive training, schooling or much previous experience. But of course, a little bit of knowledge never hurts. Many new online casino players tend to ask what is the best way to play online slot games in other words, what methods, tips and tricks can they use in order to ensure a winning streak every time? But this is not an objective sort of mentality to have, especially when you know a little bit more about what slot games are and how they work. There is no “best way” to play casino slot games, and there is no quick fix when it comes to landing a maximum jackpot prize. But, there are many ways, means and methods of understanding how slot games work, and how best to navigate through their ample and unique machinations in order to enhance your overall gaming experience.

* What are online slot games?

Online slot games are those colourful, fast-paced and highly popular reel-spinning virtual internet games that emulate the look, feel and gameplay design of their iconic land-based slot machine counterparts the ones that you’ll find filling the halls of every major casino establishment in the world. No matter what kind of online casino slot game you play, you will notice that they are all designed according to the same basic premise: by definition, a slot game consists of a set number of reels, a collection of symbols and a set number of rows of paylines or specific combinations which the symbols could form on the reels in order to yield winning results.

Every slot game features a prominent “Spin” button, which, when clicked, activates the reels to spin instantaneously in rapid flicks of light and colour, until they eventually lose momentum and come to a complete stop. This determines which symbols will land where across the paylines. The jackpot winning results that you can achieve when you play casino slots games online are influenced by how many credits you are able to wager at the time, the real currency value of each credit wagered, and how many paylines you are able to bet on. The amount of paylines, payline symbols, reels and bonus features also greatly influence your outcomes in each game. Bonus features such as Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols, Free Spins awards, Multiplier awards on your wins, and second screen bonus games all add towards the totality of your winning potential.

There are three main types of online slot games that you can play:

– Reel Slots
– Video Slots
– AWP/ Pub Slots

1. Reel Slots

Reel Slots are probably the most basic and straightforward kinds of slot games that you could play. Often touted as “traditional” or “classic”- style slot games, Reel Slots present players with the most stripped-down version of slot gaming that there is. Basically, you are likely to find 3 reels, 1, 3, or 4 paylines, and a limited number of payline symbols, usually 1 or 3. You will be presented with a single Wild symbol, the slots equivalent of a Wild card, which pays out the maximum jackpot prize when occupying all three positions on the payline. It’s a great way yo introduce yourself to the slot gaming genre and a great way to make a quick buck or two!

2. Video Slots

Perhaps the most popular subgenre of slot gaming on the web, Video Slots are all about abundance and ostentatious display. If you’re looking to rake in the major cash prizes, then Video Slots are certainly the way to go. Characterized by their completely digitalized veneers, numerous fortunes and a wealth of bonus games to boot, these 5-reeled virtual spinning machines are defined by their proliferation of paylines, cornucopias of multiple winning symbol combinations and bonus features that instantly enhance your payline bottom line. You’ll encounter a veritable assault of special features that enhance your every click closer to the maximum jackpot! These include:

* Free Spins
* Multiplications of your payline awards
* Scatter, Wild and Bonus symbols that activate further prizewinning opportunities in the game, and:
* A multitude of second-screen and on-screen bonus features which not only enhance your bank balance, but give a whole new sense of depth and dimension to your gameplay.

Some of the most popular, most recognized and most played slot games on the web are of the Video Slot variety, and seeing as being able to play casino games such as these gives you access to a plethora of wins-enhancing features like none other, it’s easy to see why this special brand of online casino games has accrued so much praise and support.

3. Pub Slots/ AWP Games

A fusion of classic reel slot and traditional British Pub fruit machine gaming produces the latest online casino gaming craze on the market: Pub Slots also known as Amusement with Prizes games. Pub Slots combine the basic elements of your classic Reel Slots game (i.e., 3 reels, 1 payline etc), with new and innovative features that you won’t find on any other type of slot game. Things like trail games, mini-games, skill-stop games and a whole host of exciting functionalities that let you manipulate the reels to your benefit. These include the Nudge and Hold functionalities, which allow you to hold certain symbols in order to complete payline symbol combinations more successfully, or nudge the reels along in order to get the combination that you want.

There is no “quick fix”, “10 easy steps” method to win at online casino games. But, using a little common sense and gaming knowledge is a great start for going far in your quest of improving your game. Keep in mind that online slot games just like their real-world counterparts, work according to a Random Number Generator system, so chance plays a major role in the kinds of results that you’ll get when you play.

Derek Jansen is the search manager at Golden Riviera casino – the #1 place to play casino games.

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Who might Layouts the most effective Cellular Slot games?

Who might Layouts the most effective Cellular Slot games?

You can play slot machines anywhere these days, however if you want to play them in land based locations then you do have to make something of a concerted effort to visit a brick and mortar casino.

However, thanks to the advent of mobile gaming, you are going to find that you can carry around all of your favourite slot games and slot machines in your pocket, simply by downloading a casino app onto your phone or tablet device.

There are now thousands of different mobile slot games that have been launched by a range of different companies, however one company that is famed for their range of mobile and for that matter their online slots is NetEnt.

The NetEnt Touch range of mobile slot games as they are known are fully compatible with every type of mobile device offering a touch screen capability and the slots all offer their own unique playing structures, their own pay tables and of course their own bonus games and bonus features too.

If you are looking for some of the best playing slots that can be accessed on a mobile device then we think it will be worth you checking out any of our featured and top rated NetEnt casino sites for sure!


Real Time Gaming Mobile Slots

Players who are living in the USA should pay careful attention to the mobile casino sites on offer to them, for it can be quiet difficult for such players to find casinos that will offer them lots of low cost and cost effective banking options to allow them to deposit and make withdrawals to and from their account with no additional fees and charges.

We can recommend any of our mobile casinos that operate using the Real Time Gaming mobile software platforms and their range of casino games, for you are going to find a huge range of very entertaining and high paying mobile casino games when playing at such sites.

You are also going to find the bonuses available to you at RTG mobile casinos are high in value, you will also earn comps when playing their range of games too, and you will also be able to set the currency of your mobile casino accounts to use USD and as such will not be forced to have to play in any other currency, which some mobile casinos force US players to do!


Mobile Slots from Microgaming

The biggest and some players would say the very best range of mobile casino games are going to be found at any mobile casino site that uses the Microgaming range of games.

That company has been in business for almost 25 years now and as such they have plenty of experience in regards to knowing what players look for and demands from any casinos they choose to play at and can always be relied on to offer highly entertaining and some very high paying games too.

When you do make the very wise decision of playing at any mobile casino site at which you have Microgaming’s range of slot games on offer you are going to find games of every possible description.

As such you can play fruit machines, three reel slots, classic slots and also plenty of bonus game awarding video slots and you are also going to have access to some progressive jackpot awarding slots that could turn you into a multi-millionaire with just one spin of their reels.

Bonuses and player promotions are also free flowing at Microgaming software powered mobile casino sites so you are always going to be able to make use of those bonuses to boost the value of your slot playing bankroll too, look around our website to find out which are the best mobile casinos to play at!



There are so many different mobile casino sites that you can play at these days please never be in too much of a rush to sign up to the very first one you come across, for you should always have a good look through the range of mobile slot games those sites have on offer to you.

Some mobile casinos only have a small limited number and variety of slot games on offer and as such if you waste your time downloading those casino apps you will very quickly get bored playing the same games over and over again.

One thing that is worth knowing is that if you play at some of our featured mobile casino sites that also operate their own online casinos too, the payout percentages on offer on the slots available in both playing environments are the same on the same slot machines.

As such you will not be making comprises in regards to the paybacks those slot games can and will offer, and by playing only at our top rated and full licensed mobile casino sites you will get access to some exclusive and very high valued bonuses too!

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888 On line casino Apps the earliest One Available for purchase The search engine giant The market Online shop

888 On line casino Apps the earliest One Available for purchase The search engine giant The market Online shop

Google Play changes its stance on gambling apps

Just two weeks ago, Google has changed its policy to allow gambling operators for the first time to feature their real money games on the Google Play app store to be downloaded.

A Change of Policy

The policy now allows gambling-related apps to be downloaded in the United Kingdom and Europe’s licensed markets through the Google Play Store.

Banned since 2013, gaming-related apps had to be installed individually without the aid of Google Play functionalities. The ban was placed because of the lack of ability to verify the ages of those using the apps in question.

With the ban lifted, the security parameters have to be covered. All casino apps will only be available to players from qualifying jurisdictions via regulated and licensed apps. They will also be rated as Adults Only and consist information about responsible gambling.

It is believed that the main reason behind this great change by Android is the availability of casino apps for iOS users. For us it is fantastic news whether the change has occurred due to the company rivalry or simply because Android wanted to expand the playing experience of its users.

A Google spokesperson commented on the changes saying: “We’re experimenting with rolling out real money gambling apps in select markets over the next few weeks that ensures user safety as part of our continued effort to offer new experiences on Google Play.”

888 Casino Breaks the Ice

One of the first to offer its services on Google Play was leading online operator 888 Holdings, with its brands 888casino, 777, 888sport, Wink Slot and Wink Bingo.

Coral Casino followed this attempt to get in on the action ahead of the game with launching the apps for Android. The apps by these top online casinos hold the keys to great live casino and sport betting experience on the go. Of course all of this was doable at mobile casino sites, but being able to access your favourite betting place via an app, is not only more expedient but also gives it a special charm and sense of belonging.

Google’s decision to open its doors to online gambling operators is being described as a major win for the industry. It will now become easier than ever for consumers to find and download their favourite gaming apps and enjoy real-money slots on their favorite gambling venues.

888 remains a leading global brand, and being one of the first to market its apps on the Google Play store will no doubt lead to a healthy growth in its player base, it is estimated.

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Casinoz.cllub keeps establishing machines by Spieldev, available for purchase on Lenader Online games computer software, with the readers. «Codex» recording plug has to go to indirect terms of popular «Da Vinci Code» cartoon film. It offers scarce bonuses, intriguing cost free re-writes, several amazing icons, along with additive savor options, that often won’t help you feel unexciting.
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Balthazar’s Wild environment Convenience store

Balthazar’s Wild environment Convenience store

Balthazar from «Balthazar’s Wild Emporium» video slot, developed by Core Gaming, trades exotic goods, that might interest young wizards and everybody who’s live is connected with magic somehow. A zest of this slot machine is free spins available in three varieties with different features of Wilds. It is possible to get up to one thousand prize spins, that’s why you have a chance to win a huge payout.
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Moon Princess

Moon Princess

Play’N Go you’ll find that we have presented an unusual sportsbetting gaming dependent upon prominent One of those cartoon «Sailor Moon». «Moon Princess» version guarantees several transactions, charged by strong, top to bottom and tilted stores of same symbols. 3 (three) fairies renew distinct incentive capabilities during recurring operates. Moreover, there may be no cost revolves by using special features, Desert together with other sign-up bonus alternatives here.
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The Multi-millionaire

The Multi-millionaire

«The Baron» online video slot, developed by Leander Games company, is going to take you to the beginning of twentieth century, when aviation pioneers were fighting in the sky over European countries seized by World War I. The main hero of this slot is the legendary ace Red Baron. The model offers different types of bonus options, including free spins, special symbols and a thematic round in style of sky battle.
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Four of the best Video slot games from Microgaming

Four of the best Video slot games from Microgaming

Microgaming is the software provider to more than 150 online gambling casinos. In 2005, Microgaming began its “New Games Rollout Program” that involves the launch of 3-10 new casino games every month. In November 2006, Microgaming introduced 10 new casino games, including 4 slot machines. This article summarizes Microgaming’s 4 newest slot games, including Glory of Rome, Mega Moolah, Summertime, and Twin Samurai.

Glory of Rome is a 5-reel, 20 pay-line slot machine that celebrates the glory of the Roman Empire. Emperor Julius Caesar is the “wild” symbol and a powerful Gladiator is the “scatter” symbol. The coin range is 0.01 up to 0.50, and you can bet up to 20 coins per pay-line. With a maximum bet of 200.00 (0.50 x 20 coins per pay-line x 20 pay-lines), you could win a possible jackpot of 100,000 with the “Free Spins” bonus feature.

Mega Moolah is Microgaming’s newest progressive slot machine. Mega Moolah is a 5-reel, 25 pay-line slot with an African wildlife theme. The Mega Progressive Jackpot starts at 1,000,000, and you can spin the “Jackpot Wheel” for a chance to win one of four progressive jackpots. The coin range is 0.01 to 0.05, and you can bet up to 5 coins per pay-line. With a maximum bet of 6.25 (0.05 x 5 coins per pay-line x 25 pay-lines), you could win a possible payout of 11,250 with the “Free Spins” bonus feature.

Summertime is a 5-reel, 9 pay-line slot machine with the theme of summer and easy living. The summertime symbol is “wild” and the beach scene is the “scatter” symbol. The coin range is 0.01 up to 1.00, and you can bet up to 5 coins per pay-line. With a maximum bet of 45.00 (1.00 x 5 coins per pay-line x 9 pay-lines), you could win a possible jackpot of 150,000 with the “Free Spins” bonus feature. Now that’s a real summer heat wave!

Twin Samurai is a 5-reel, 20 pay-line slot machine all about ancient Japanese warriors. The Twin Samurai symbol is “wild” and the Geisha is the “scatter” symbol. The coin range is 0.01 up to 0.25, and you can bet up to 20 coins per pay-line. With a maximum bet of 100.00 (0.25 x 20 coins per pay-line x 20 pay-lines), you could win a possible payout of 50,000 with the “Free Spins” bonus feature.

So there you have it, 4 of the newest video slot machines from Microgaming. Remember to only gamble with the money you can afford to lose, and to quit while you are ahead. This will always make your casino experience more enjoyable.

Gregory DeVictor is a consultant and has been developing and marketing web sites since 1999. You can learn more about Microgaming video slot machines at:

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Which generally Slots Is it better to Spin More Than Others?

Which generally Slots Is it better to Spin More Than Others?

Randomly selecting a slot game to play when logged into any casino site is one way that you can choose to pick the ones to play. However, there are some slot games available to online slot players that you should always have at the top of your list of games to play.

With that at the forefront of your mind today we are going to be looking at a range of different slot games and slot game categories that you may be best advised to play.

Keep in mind though that with such a huge range of different slots always available to online players, and as each of them are completely random games of chance there will be no way of knowing in advance of any up and coming slot playing session you have will be a winning one!

But by playing the slots showcased to you below you will always have a very fair chance of winning, and with some luck in playing you could also win some huge amounts of cash too!


Overdue Progressive Jackpots

Over the years there have been a huge range of different progressive slot games launched that can be accessed online, and what you will find is that each of those longer established progressive slots do come with something known as an average payout amount.

That is simply the average amount that jackpot winners won on those slots when they won their respective progressive jackpots.

One good way of choosing just which of those types of slot games to play is to find out what the average payout amount is and then only start playing those slots when the progressive jackpot is above that amount.

By doing so you will then be playing a slot on which he jackpot is overdue and it may just be the case that those jackpots are going to be paid out to player much sooner rather than much later.

Try and play progressive slot games that are suitable for your bankroll though, for it can be the case that you are often forced to have to wager maximum bet spins on those types of slot machines which can often be a little to expensive for some slot players!

But with some hunting around you will find quite a number of different progressive jackpot awarding slots that can award their jackpots to players even if they are playing for pennies!


High RTP Slots

Another way that you are going to get longer slot playing sessions if you are something of a regular slot player is by never playing any slot games online that have a payout percentage of lower than 97.00%.

You may think that online slot games come with some fairly low payout percentages and to be fair some of them do! However, by looking up the RTP’s of any slot games that are available at any casino sites you play at you will be surprised to find there will be several of them offering payout percentages of 97.00%.

What you will find when playing those much higher and better paying slot games is that you will get more winning payout as you play them over the long term, and those winning payouts can come from spun in base game winning combinations or via the regularly triggering bonus games attached to those slot games too.

Another of the major attractions for players of playing slots which do come with higher RTP’s is that you will recycle your bankroll and gambling budget through them a lot more than when you play lower paying slots, which in turn means you will be earning more comp points too!



Always try and organise your online or mobile slot playing sessions in such a way that you time them to perfection, and by that we mean try and hunt around when you are in a slot playing frame of mind for any exclusive bonus offers that will give your bankroll more playing value.

Bonuses and online slot game promotional offers that will be made available to you from many different casino sites are always going to be structured in a different way, but by knowing which are the best bonuses and promotional offers to claim and make use of and when you really will find there is plenty of value to be mopped up!

You could be tempted to sign up to a casino site for a set of free slots spin or some form of no deposit bonus offer, and whilst they will of course give you a no risk type of gaming session, you are much more likely to benefit from much more value packed bonuses when you claim the deposit match bonuses, which come with the very lowest of play through requirements!

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